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The International Baccalaureate (IB) engages with the higher education community in a number of meaningful ways:

  • Assisting universities and colleges in developing admissions policies which adequately recognize the achievement of IB students
  • Commissioning research into the impact of IB programmes on students, schools and communities
  • Hosting special events and initiatives such as higher education symposia and World Student Conferences
  • Engaging university faculty in the review and development of IB programmes and curriculum
  • Partnering with schools of education to offer IB educator and leadership certificates


Recognizing IB programmes

The IB Diploma Programme is widely recognized as one of the best preparations for university studies available to secondary students.  A growing body of research provides evidence that IB students are more likely than their peers to go on to higher education, perform better once there, and complete their studies more quickly and at higher rates.

Last year almost 100,000 IB students went on to postsecondary studies, and this number rises annually. In the last 10 years IB students have sent transcripts sent to over 5,000 higher education institutions in more than 100 countries. An equitable and comprehensive recognition policy is instrumental in attracting this group of academically capable internationally-minded students to your campus.

Our recognition pages provide a great deal of information and resources designed to help higher education institutions learn more about IB programmes and construct effective recognition policies.  Such resources include:

  • Guides
  • Subject briefs
  • Model polices
  • Student testimonials
  • Special events
  • And more


University officials also have access to a secure portal where they can:

  • Find detailed information on curriculum and assessment
  • Update their institution’s IB recognition policy and publish to the IB public website
  • Request that IB student transcripts be sent electronically


If your institution already has an account, log in.  To create a new account, please register.

For specific questions or support from the IB, please contact a representative in your region:
IB Africa, Europe, Middle East
IB Americas
IB Asia Pacific

For general enquiries or to request more detailed information on IB programmes or available resources, please email:

IB Educator and Leadership Certificates

Become part of our network


Work with the IB to increase the number of teachers and leaders reaching new generations of learners with the IB pedagogy and philosophy. University teacher education adds an exciting and important professional development pathway for IB educators and leaders. By incorporating the IB educator and leadership certificates into your existing courses of study, together we can build the capacity of educators to teach in ways that are oriented toward:

  • inquiry
  • students and communities
  • research
  • multilingualism
  • international-mindedness
  • inclusion
  • project-based learning


To find out more, visit the IB educator certificate

IB programme and curriculum review

All IB programmes and course curricula are reviewed on regular teaching cycle.  The IB engages subject matter experts from higher education throughout this review and development process. 

If you are a university faculty member, and would be interested in sitting on a programme or course review committee, please contact the relevant programme development team for more details.

Primary Years Programme
Middle Years Programme
Diploma Programme

Research within the IB

Research plays a central role in the development, quality assurance, and assessment of impact of IB programmes and services. The IB Research Department works closely with many well respected educational researchers from universities around the world to conduct studies in these areas. 

To learn more about research within the IB, please visit our research pages.

The IB university portal:

  • View curriculum and assessment material
  • Add or update your IB recognition policy
  • Request student transcripts.


Register here, or log in if you already have an account.

IB Higher Education Update

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